Gitaar aan de sluis

The Hague Guitar Society has great news! We enthusiastically present: Gitaar aan de sluis, a new concert series in the Dorpskerk in the beautiful centre of Leidschendam, close to The Hague. On April 9, at 8:00 PM, guitarist Cesar Quevedo will play a tribute to Colombian music. His program with title “Los Pájaros que quedan en la tierra” (The birds left on Earth), highlights two regions of Colombia. On one hand, you will listen to the Indian ancestral melodies from Arhuacos near the Caribbean border and on the other hand, the mestizo Andean music, mainly created and performed by farmers and workers.

Cesar Quevedo is a versatile and experienced guitarist who has given concerts both solo and with groups in South and Central America, USA and Europe. This concert is part of his solo Europe tour through several countries in Western Europe. Cesar has a career as a concert guitarist and composer. In addition to various Colombian composers, he will also perform his own work during this concert. His playing is warm, colourful and flamboyant. We are really looking forward to his concert, April 9 in Leidschendam.

The concert:

Date: April 9, 2022

Time: 20:00

Location: Dorpskerk, Delftsekade 7, Leidschendam

César graduated as a musician in Bogotá at the Universidad Javeriana, and later he travelled to the Netherlands, where he studied for another 5 years in music and classical guitar at different universities: Koninklijk Conservatorium, Codarts in Rotterdam and Conservatorium van Maastricht. He holds a master’s diploma in classical guitar performance. His main teachers were Zoran Dukiç and Carlo Marchione. He has developed a musician career as a performer and lately as composer. He is part of the Meridian Brothers from Bogotá as an electric bass player for the last 14 years. Meridian Brothers have toured nearly 15 countries in Europe, USA, México and South America. 

César has published four records with independent labels: one solo album, the “Amarillo”, and three more albums with his main chamber music project, the guitar trio “Trip Trip Trip”. With the guitar trio they have performed extensively during the last twelve years. Apart from the many pieces performed that were arranged by the trio, they have premiered as well many pieces. 

During the last 4 years, he has started two different projects; one in collaboration with artist Mauricio Ramírez, called Duo Hagudo, an drums/electric guitar duo, and another with with renown artist Ernesto Teto Ocampo, called ATI, a guitar duo project. César has been teaching in two different universities in Bogotá, at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and at the Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas.